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Call Us Today!
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King of The Cloud

King of The Cloud E-Juices

The Vapor's Knoll produces thousands of bottles of e-liquid daily in its AEMSA certified lab to ensure you receive safe, accurate, and consistent vapor liquids. 
We Stand behind everything we sell: We have always used USP-grade, diacetyl-free ingredients, and our juice is made fresh, right here in Maryland. Our nicotine is tested and accurately measured prior to mixing and sale to ensure it is the purest quality. We strive for great customer service and high-quality, great tasting e-liquids. 

Canella Vanilla

Canella Vanilla: From the bark of a west Indian tree, canella sports a cinnamon like essence. Blended with vanilla and cake batter. Top it off with a splash of caramel. 
Lunar Harvest Black

Lunar Harvest Black: All of the same flavors you love from the original, but now with its own signature blackberry forefront. A new twist on a classic King of the Cloud flavor that you are sure to love. 
Lunar Harvest Ice

Lunar Harvest Ice: The same delicious taste of Lunar Harvest with mentholated heaven up front Ice delivers a cool menthol enough to cool down this hot flavor. 
Lunar Harvest

Lunar Harvest: Blast off! Lunar Harvest will cultivate your taste buds with exploding flavors like berries, rock candy and blue cotton candy. 

Zephyr: This tasty cocktail mix starts with zesty cucumber, followed by hints of pear and simple syrup. A nice, clean finish makes this vape refreshing, like a gentle breeze on a warm spring day. 
Tempest Tides

Tempest Tides: Soon you will be blowing violent clouds over all of those around you. With pineapple up front, followed by a sweet grapefruit finish be prepared for a riot. 
Smokeless Symphony

‚ÄčSmokeless Symphony: Imagine RY4. Now add more tobacco, caramel and spices. Then dip it in honey. Now you've composed a Smokeless Symphony. "It's not Smoke. It's Vapor..."